Best Dog breeds for Allergies

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Do you or someone you love have allergies? If so, you want to find a pet that is allergy friendly and will produce as few side effects as possible without sacrificing friendships. The trick is to search for a dog breed that does not provide a lot of dander. Hypoallergenic dogs do exist, but do not prevent all allergies. The key is to find a dog that does not produce a lot of dander, which is what causes the allergic reaction.

What is a Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?

Hypoallergenic dogs produce less dander than a typical dog. Since dander is the number one cause of allergic reactions to dogs, it is important to find a breed that creates less dander than its counterparts.

Hypoallergenic dogs do not shed either, or shed a minimal amount.  They do rely on their human companions to help them remain clean and dander free.

What are Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds?

The most known hypoallergenic breeds are the basset hound, bichon fries and Maltese. Here, we will cover a few main points of getting a hypoallergenic dog.


Basset hounds have a very even temperament. They are a great companion pill with low dander level and shed very little. Because of this, it is considered a hypoallergenic dog and is a great dog for those with allergies.

They are great friends with children and love engaging in games of tug of war. They are food driven and do not respond to physical punishment.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is known for their puffy coat and prissy attitude. They have a white coat and dark eyes. They are very confident and show it through prancing. They love flavored treats and want to be the center of attention.

It is easy to make one of these dogs a family companion and a great part of everyday life.

Bichons are very active and like to bark, so they make a great miniature guard dog. They are happy to go lucky and love to play. They great along with children and other pets but are not very outgoing with strangers.

Unfortunately, they are one of the more difficult dogs to housebreak because of where they feel that they rank in the hierarchy.

Bichons must be treated right or their confidence can break away into nipping, excessive barking and stubborn behavior.

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Hypoallergenic dogs are small dogs that are considered easily excitable. As long as they are raised around children who know how to handle dogs, they can grow to be a great family dog.

Since they are small, they must be handled with care and compassion. They should be raised with the understanding that they are safe and that they can count on their human companion for adequate care, affection and understanding.

All of the dogs mentioned in this article are easy to house train, and are very clean in general. However, they do rely on their human companions to help them stay clean, brushed and adequately hygienic if they are to remain hypoallergenic.

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