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Many animal lovers want to take their love for animals to a whole new level. While other people are simply okay with having a dog or a couple of cats. There are some animals that the standard pet owner would cringe at the thought of ever owning one. Exotic animals can be fun, unique, and adventurous, but they aren’t for everyone. Most individuals would never even think of getting a snake but some people love the thrill of having an exotic pet. It depends on preference and your tolerance for creepiness! Here are some of the best exotic pets for animal lovers and cool pets to own.


Beauty In The BeastThe thought of owning a snake gives some people the willies but they are one of the most popular exotic pets to own. Most owners like the fact that they only need to be fed about once every 2 weeks and just a large aquarium to live in. They are really easy to take care of and require very little maintenance. They make for very unique pets, but it is definitely a long-term commitment to purchase a snake. Some of them can live up to 30 years!

Sugar Gliders

Beauty In The BeastOn the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the sugar glider. The sugar glider is a marsupial that comes from the same family as the koala bear and the kangaroo. You will typically find these cute pets in Indonesia or Australia. They have recently become a fairly common household pet in the United States. They are not rodents, and actually, make really great pets as they are friendly and easy to care for. They are very small and eat foods such as fruits and vegetables.


Beauty In The BeastBelieve it or not, it is 100% legal to have this African wild cat in your home as a family pet. They are fairly small, have short legs, and look like a smaller version of the cheetah. The serval is not a very common household pet as they are required to be out in the wild. Most individuals who do domesticate these animals, only have good luck if they have many acres of land and a stream nearby. They have the tendency to be very destructive, so this is not the type of pet you want to bring into your home like a pet fish! They can become violent, so the people who own them are typically trained professionals.

If you are not into having a dog, cat, or a fish, these exotic pets may be good choices for you. Some pet owners want to be unique and have something interesting to show off to their friends and family. Whatever kind of pet you are looking for make sure it is legal first

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